Class expectations/regulations

  • Teaching strategies: Flashdance will operate a blended method of learning. If circumstances inhibit face to face learning (e.g. pandemic, government guidelines, adverse weather etc) we will revert to the use of live and recorded online classes and Google Classroom.
  • Flashdance is not responsible for children left unattended between, before or after their class. Please ensure pupils and siblings respect our venues.
  • No discussion at the studio door as this reduces teaching time. Please email and arrange a suitable time if you have something you wish to discuss.
  • Injuries/illnesses should be communicated before class in an email to admin which will then be distributed to inform the appropriate teacher/s. Pupils should observe class should the injury allow.  Refunds will not be issued for classes missed through illness or injury.
  • All jewellery should be removed before class. Please inform us if jewellery cannot be removed and ensure to cover appropriately.
  • Dance correction/feedback must involve an appropriate “hands on” approach. This method is necessary to achieve correct technique and avoid injury.
  • Flashdance will not tolerate abuse, bullying or aggressive behaviour towards teachers, staff, fellow pupils, or other families.
  • The Principal reserves the right to exclude any child/family from class/dance school should behaviour warrant. No refunds will be issued.
  • Parents/families will be invited to watch during the class year. Watching regular classes is not permitted.  Video and photography will be allowed during this session, please email if you do not consent to your child being recorded/photographed during open days.
  • Pupils should attend wearing uniform as per Flashdance uniform guidelines and hair styled as advised.
  • Flashdance guarantee that all classes delivered meet safety standards and are appropriate to level.


  • One free taster lesson will be offered per dancer, in each genre. Parents/carers should then confirm by email to book a permanent space.
  • Invoices are emailed monthly and payment should be made on/by the last day of the preceding month or on the date stated on the invoice. Fees are non refundable.
  • Students cannot attend classes until fees have been paid.
  • Discounts are offered for 3 or more classes per family.
  • One months’ notice is required to cancel.

Many thanks,

Laura Buchanan

Flashdance Principal

Cert. of Higher Education: Dance Teaching R.A.D. RTS, A.I.S.T.D – MB